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Essential Tools . . FastSCP

how many times have you had to move a VM from a Datastore on one ESX host to that on another.

Sure – storage migrate is an easy option  . . . if you

a) Have a vCenter

b) Are presenting both sets of storage to an ESX host

and/or c)  are licensed to the correct level.

the solution . . Veeam’s FastSCP.

simple – register at  


Download . . connect to both ESX hosts . . and copy / move away like you’re a Windows GUI user (though of course you’re a geek . . .so you would have preferred to do it from the command line)

Happy Days..

you can add the ESX hosts, or your VC . . or even multiple VC is you have them (I use this to move vmdks between the lab and production . .

Once you’ve added your Virtual Centre(s) – you can simply browse the datastores and copy  files as if you were using Windows explorer.

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