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VMUG London Lowdown

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment


I attended the VMUG in London yesterday. Unfortunately I missed the Enterprise round table, to sit on Alan Renouf’s PowerCLi session.
the session was pretty handy in terms of getting me to revert to the PowerCli again, but an hour is just not enough time to get your teeth fully stuck in – his focus was reporting (which I guess makes sense, as he’d hardly want us, deleting, configuring and moving things round in his lab – which he generously shared)
Either way, the hands on labs were a good opportunity to network with other local professionals.

Alaric did a great job of entertaining us as MC – (ask him about his juvenile moment and variable names next time you see him)

Warren Oliver from Veeam really lives and breathes his product. I had a chat with him at break time and have had him in my office a few times. he really is an asset to the company – I like what Veeam do, I like their product and like their attitude. You’ll have seen several references to their tools in my previous bloggings . .and you will see more as we currently rolling Veeam vPower out at a big client site (see you in 2 weeks Warren)

either way, the presentation was humorous, but professional and entertaining – the product looks amazing (I guess we know it is . . considering all the awards they have received at VMworld etc?)

As sponsors, they did a great job too – including donating an iPad as a prize (the usual business card draw . . I need to get myself some business cards . .)

Scott’s chat on certification was very handy – saved me doing a bunch of web trawling. (I will be going for a VCDX later this year . . though not because I want the certification, but rather because I like the appeal of building a design for something then having to defend it – thus testing my own knowledge) – I will post as I get on – I have an idea for my design though – and I need to find out whether I will be allowed to publish details of this once I have completed my VCDX (it is info that I want the community to be able to use . . so a certain aspect of the VCDX design I’d like to have publicly shared)
Either way – thanks Scott.

I enjoyed Gabrie’s Budget DR talk. Oddly, it is something I have done myself before, using PowerCli and some Netapps replication. His approach is almost identical to the one I used (though my design was active/active and used a VC hosted on a VM on the non-production site) -= I’ll explain later, as I will blog my scripts in a thread call ‘DR on a shoestring’ – it will no doubt be similar to what Gabe presents, but at least give those of you who would like to try it an alternative approach (speaking of which . . I’ll need some ‘test pilots’ with alternative storage technologies to test drive my revised scripts once complete)

Steve’s cloud discussion (11th hour step in for an automation session that I was looking forward to) caught me off guard – I have been a little slow to get hooked on the cloud side of things, so it was a good eye opener – looking forward to ‘clouds’ at the next VMUG.

To finish, Chris Dearden (in a nice subtle, slightly off pink shirt) presented a humorous account of Transatlantic Data centre migration and how to (or not to) actually get it done.
Seems like they had a big project on their hands and did a reasonable job of getting it completed, considering the rather tight constraints that they had – good effort! – The last slot of the day is always the hardest (the iPad had already been given away and the morning caffeine worn off, but at the end of his presentation it seemed everyone was still awake . . an achievement in itself)

I missed the drink up afterwards (had no choice – one day family visit from the states!) – either way, once I have done DR on a shoestring . .who knows, I may present at a VMUG?

Thanks to everyone who helped organise and played apart . . looking forward to the 12th of May when we convene again.



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